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Parking regulations are vigorously enforced throughout Lakeview. Read signs carefully; many streets have residential parking restrictions that prohibit others from parking on their streets, usually after 6pm each day. The sections of Lakeview closest to Wrigley Field are off-limits during night games, so look for yellow sidewalk signs alerting drivers about the 20 or so times the Cubs play under lights. You can park in permit zones if you are visiting a friend, who can provide you with a temporary pass to stick on your windshield. Beware of tow zones, and, if visiting in winter, make note of curbside warning regarding snow plowing. Some garages connected with malls or other major attractions offer discounted parking with a validated ticket.

Several Lakeview restaurants and entertainment venues offer reasonable valet parking typically ranging from $8-$12. With limited parking availability, valet parking is quickly becoming an easier, more convenient and economical way to park.

Most public parking facilites offer discounted monthly parking rates. Contact them individually for rates or more information.

Residential Parking Permits

Residential Parking Permits can be obtained from your Alderman’s office.

Chicago’s Residential Parking Permit program is designed to restrict parking on designated residential streets during specified hours, except for the residents of that street, guests of the residents or those who provide a service to the residents. This program helps to ensure that residents of densely populated areas have reasonable access to parking near their residences. Signs posted along designated streets display the applicable restrictions. Cars parked in violation of this ordinance will be ticketed.

Yearly Residential Parking Permits are available to qualified residents and daily guest passes may be purchased and distributed by qualified residents. Residents must secure a permit from the Office of the City Clerk and display it on the passenger side windshield of their automobiles. The fee for a Residential Parking Permit is currently $25.00 (annual pro-rated). 1-Day Residential Parking Permit Guest passes (which are valid for 24 hours from the time of posting), are available to area residents in packs of 15 for $8.00 per pack (limit 2 per month).

Applicants for an annual Residential Permit Parking Sticker must have a current and valid Chicago City Sticker and an Illinois State License plate. Applications for yearly stickers must be accompanied by a copy of the receipt for the sticker, provide a copy of a photo ID, and have no outstanding parking tickets at the time of application.

Metered Parking

Most commercial Lakeview streets have metered parking. The hours of operation and rates for parking meters vary throughout the area. This information should be listed on each individual parking meter. If it is not, or you would like additional information, please call (312) 577-7985.  Metered parking is enforced on Sundays.  All major credit cards are accepted at the parking meters including the Lakeview East Gift Card.